Microsoft Introduces the New Microsoft Teams

January 3, 2024

UPDATE: On February 20, 2024, New Teams became the default version for all Teams users at Baylor. The switch remains visible in the upper-left-hand corner and you can revert to Classic Teams, but be aware that before March 31, Microsoft will force all Teams users to the new Teams experience.

In March 2023, Microsoft previewed a new version of Microsoft Teams that was released in October for download. After extensive testing and continued improvements to the new software, the New Microsoft Teams will be available to the Baylor community beginning January 3, 2024.

To upgrade to the New Microsoft Teams users will simply flip a switch that appears in the upper left-hand corner of the Classic Teams app. As the company notes on the New Microsoft Teams website, “Our goal was to reimagine Teams from the ground up to deliver a faster, simpler, smarter, and more flexible app to help you stay productive and collaborate more effectively.” While users will have the option to continue using Classic Teams once the New Teams becomes available, Microsoft will move all of their clients to the New Teams platform by March 31, 2024.

“The New Teams is the foundation for all of the new innovation that we are going to be doing,” said Karuana Gatimu, Principal Manager of the M365 Customer Advocacy group. Microsoft reports that the New Teams is 2xs faster than the original application and uses 50% fewer system resources. The user interface remains essentially the same but is more responsive, allowing users to join meetings 2xs faster and to switch between chat sessions and Teams channels 1.7xs faster.

“Microsoft 365 is a vitally important productivity suite for Baylor and the education community,” said Brent Harris, Assistant Vice President for Client Services at Baylor. “As Microsoft and other companies innovate their solutions, BaylorITS tests the software or hardware for compatibility with the campus network, other existing platforms, and security compliance. Once the product is approved for campus use we make it available to the Baylor community.”

For more information about Microsoft Teams, visit As always, HelpDesk+ is available to support the technology needs of the Baylor community on the Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library, by phone at (254) 710-4357 or by email at