Baylor Information Technology Services and Library and Academic Technology Services partner to provide software solutions and support that promote excellence in research, teaching, and learning. If you have any questions or would like to request a particular software platform that does not appear, please contact HelpDesk+.

A legend to assist users with the software dashboard

Software Support Levels

Each software package supplied and supported by Baylor is labeled with one of the following support levels. HelpDesk+ representatives only support software included on this site and at the level indicated in the support section of each page.

  • LEVEL A - Baylor Standard
    HelpDesk+ representatives are prepared to answer most questions about the currently supported version of the software. If the representative is unable to answer the question, the inquiry will quickly be escalated and promptly resolved.
  • LEVEL B - non-Baylor Standard
    HelpDesk+ representatives will attempt to answer your question. In the event the representative cannot arrive at a solution, a support ticket will be created for further investigation. Since software at this support level is not widely supported within HelpDesk+, the response time may be longer.
  • LEVEL C - Other
    HelpDesk+ representatives may attempt to resolve your issue. More than likely, a support ticket will be created that may be addressed by someone in our organization with experience with the software platform. Software at this support level is not widely supported at the university.
  • LEVEL U - Unsupported
    Baylor University does not support this software. HelpDesk+ representatives may attempt to resolve your issue, but finding help through the software vendor support page/representatives is highly encouraged.
  • LEVEL V - Vendor Supported
    While a HelpDesk+ representative may be able to address your question, Baylor has contracted specialized support from the software vendor and will likely direct you to seek direct support from the software provider.