Baylor Systems Impacted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Issues

December 15, 2021

Beginning at about 9:40 a.m. CST today, users reported issues receiving push notifications using Duo two-factor authentication and accessing various resources including Canvas, Zoom, Webex, Respondus Monitor, Ivanti Service Manager, and other platforms. AWS reports that the internet connectivity issues that causes the outages in their US-WEST-1 and US-WEST-2 regions are resolved and we are seeing that many of these resources have been restored to full operation.

Last Tuesday, AWS experienced a significant outage in one of its US-EAST data centers that, thankfully, only had a marginal impact on Baylor resources. Canvas was impacted, but not taken offline completely. However, Respondus Monitor and some of the Libraries' ESBCO and ProQuest resources were unavailable for most of the day.

Baylor ITS actively monitors and receives updates from AWS and other cloud service providers when these infrequent outages occur within these massive data centers that power many of the resources available via the Internet. We appreciate your patience when these outages occur and your confidence in the technology resources and support provided by Baylor ITS.